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All About Acne

Hi Dermalovers! Perhaps some of you ever experience having acne? Acne is caused by the condition where your skin pores become blocked by the oil, dead skin or bacteria. When the skin pores are blocked, it may cause inflammation and could also be painful. The inflammation is shown by the appearance of tiny bumps, containing pus (above the skin). In the medical terminology, it is known as whitehead, blackhead, cystic, papules, pustules and nodules.

Common places where the acne may appear are on the face, neck, chest, back and upper arm. Common complication due to the acne is the forming of scar tissue or acne scars, often called pockmarks.

Several factors that cause acne as following :

1. Genetical factor

2. Hormonal factor

  • Increase level of androgen/testosterone hormone: this is why acne is commonly experienced by the teenagers, whose hormonal function just start to actively released.

  • Change of estrogen hormone: during the pregnancy period, consumption of contraceptive pills & menstruation.

  • Increase of cortisol hormone due to the stress and lack of sleeping.

3. Unhygienic lifestyle

  • Careless in caring the face: not cleaning the leftover make-up and/or before going to bed.

  • Not cleaning the make-up tools

  • Using dirty bed and pillow sheets

4. Indigestion

  • Abnormal defecation

  • Foods consumption that increase inflammation in the intestines

5. Food consumption that cause acne, such as :

  • Milk-based products: milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter.

  • Fast food.

  • Processed beverages containing high sugar.

  • Carbohydrate: rice, cake, anything from flours, bread and biscuit.

  • Other food like eggs, seafood and shrimp paste.

6. Specific diseases, such as :

  • Insomnia, PCOS

7. Bad habits

  • Carelessly squeezing the acne, whitehead or blackhead

  • Rubbing the face carelessly

  • Smoking, stay up late

8. Wearing inappropriate make-up

  • Cosmetic containing too much fat, like unsuitable moisturizer

  • Wearing foundation that close or clog the pores.

  • Using unsuitable scrub.

9. Side-effect of consuming certain medications/drugs.

How to cope with acne :

  1. Cleanse the face regularly

  2. Cleanse the face at least twice a day with the suitable products

  3. Don’t squeeze the acne and whitehead/blackhead carelessly

  4. Shower directly after certain activity (while still sweating)

  5. Avoid doing activities (including sports) under the sun that can cause more damage to the acne

  6. Overcome the stress and rest well

  7. Try to defecate accordingly everyday

  8. Don’t consume the food that triggers the acne

  9. Have a healthy lifestyle (doing sports, drink enough water, consume fruits & vegetables and don’t smoke)

  10. Go to consult with the doctor for using products or getting treatments that are suitable for the skin

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