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Dry Facial Skin: What Do You Need To Know?

Having dry skin can make us feel uncomfortable, because it feels itchy, easily irritated or reddish, peeling, and rough. Take this very seriously, because bacteria will easily settle on the skin so that it can cause infection. Does your skin feel dry, Dermalovers? So, what's the cause? Come on, let's talk about it deeper!

Here are some causes of dry skin that you need to know:

1. Too harsh content in the facial cleansers

The use of soap or facial cleansing products made from harsh chemicals can be one of the causes of dry and itchy skin, because they contain substances with an alkaline pH which can damage the outermost layer of skin which functions as a skin barrier. Therefore, don't choose the wrong facial cleanser, Dermalovers.

2. Bathing with warm water and for too long

Many people think that the longer the bath, the cleaner and moister the skin will be. This assumption is actually not quite right, Dermalovers! Bathing for too long will make more water evaporate from the body, so it risks drying out the skin. Bathing with warm water can indeed provide comfort and feel good, especially when you feel tired and when the weather is cold. However, if too long can be the cause of dry skin. Because, hot temperatures can reduce the skin's natural moisture while damaging the skin barrier. Make sure the temperature isn't too hot and limit warm showers to no more than 15 minutes!

3. Weather

Weather affects the condition of the skin. In cold weather, the temperature and humidity decrease. Likewise, when the weather is hot, the skin can become dry due to dehydration. Dry skin will make wrinkles appear more obvious, so it can look older. Apart from exposure to sunlight which is harmful to the skin, sweat and pores that are prone to clogged can also cause new problems to appear on the skin. Don't forget to always use sunscreen!

4. Too much Exfoliation

Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells is indeed needed to help the process of changing old skin cells to new skin cells and cleaning dirt left on the skin. However, if done too often the skin will become drier and more easily irritated.

5. Dehydration

One of the keys to moist skin is good hydration. If the water content in the skin is maintained, facial skin will become more moist, supple and youthful. On the other hand, if the water needs of the skin are not met properly, the skin cells will become dehydrated, so that the face will become dry, dull, irritated, reddish and even look old.

6. Damaged skin barrier

Dry skin is a sign that the skin barrier on your facial skin is damaged. If the skin barrier is damaged, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture, so the water content in the skin easily evaporates into the air. In addition, the face will be more easily exposed to free radicals, pollution particles, and UV rays which can cause skin irritation and even infection. One that can help repair a damaged skin barrier is the use of the right skincare products.

7. Aging

As you get older, usually at the age of 40 and over and in women approaching menopause, oil production will decrease so that the skin tends to become drier. This factor cannot be prevented, but can be delayed or slowed down by using the right skincare products and treatments.

8. Special medical condition

Certain medical conditions can be the cause of dry facial skin. For example, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, skin diseases that cause dry, flaky, cracked skin. Apart from skin diseases, comorbidities such as diabetes, kidney disease, and thyroid can also be one of the causes of dry skin.

Dry facial skin can certainly be annoying, especially if it feels itchy, red and peeling. So, if you have dry and bothersome skin conditions, immediately go to see our professional doctor at Premium Dermalove Batam!

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