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Dermafacial Oxygeneo 5 in 1

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Bright skin is everyone's dream, because it can increase self-confidence and skin health. However, there are several factors that can make the skin lose its glow, such as choosing the wrong skincare product, being exposed to the sun and air pollution, and not getting enough sleep and drinking less water. These factors make the skin look dull and not fresh. Well, when it comes to bright skin, there is a treatment from Premium Dermalove Batam that can make skin look bright and glowing instantly, namely Dermafacial Oxygeneo 5 in 1. Dermafacial Oxygeneo 5 in 1 is a treatment that is carried out in stages. In this stage you will get 5 benefits by doing 1 treatment.

Dermafacial Oxygeneo 5 in 1 is an innovative technology that provides 5 effective facial treatments gradually in one treatment, namely OxyGeneo NeoRevive (moisturizes and nourishes skin & revitalizes skin), OxyGeneo NeoBright (brightens skin and removes dead skin cells), TriPollar (skin technology) Anti-Aging to reduce fine wrinkles on the face and also stimulate collagen to make the skin look brighter), NeoMassage (to relax facial muscles), and Ultrasound (to help absorb nutrients into the skin more optimally). This Oxygeneo technology has been patented and clinically proven to provide the best nutrition and oxygenation of the skin, resulting in smoother, brighter, suppler and younger looking skin. You can see the results immediately after one treatment.

You only need Oxygeneo maintenance at least once a month with about 60 minutes, so Oxygeneo is the right choice for those of you who don't have much time to do maintenance. How, are you ready to make your skin more glowing and healthy with Dermafacial Oxygeneo 5 in 1? To get this treatment, you don't have to spend too much, because Premium Dermalove is a beauty clinic that carries the "Premium" concept at a relatively affordable price. In addition, you can also use the promotions provided to enjoy this treatment. Let's take a peek at Instagram @dermalovebatam or contact us directly at +62 822 5888 9090 to find out what prices and promotions you can get.

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