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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Skin barrier has been popular lately, not only in the social media platforms, but also along with the massive distribution of skin care products and treatments that are reliable to repair this skin protector. Repairing the skin barrier is very decisive due to the facts that innumerable people suffer skin problems because of the damage of the skin barrier.

Basically, our skin consists of numerous different layers. Skin barrier (also known as moisture barrier) is located at the outermost skin layer, which is epidermis. Epidermis has 5 layers and skin barrier is located at the stratum corneum. On top of stratum corneum there is our acid mantle that is It is made up of sebum secreted from your sebaceous glands, sweat from your pores, flat dead skin cells knitted together, lactic acid, urocanic acid, fatty acids and pyrrolidine carboxylic acid. It is designed to keep bad things out and good things in. As its name, acid mantle is acidic, or known as skin PH. Our skin PH tends to be acidic due to the presence of acid mantle. Due to the environment that tends to be acidic, microbiome (good bacteria) is able to last. Microbiome is like our skin protector that blocks the entrance of bad bacteria from outside that can cause acne.

In the stratum corneum, there is a molecule called natural moisturizing factors (or NMF). NMF main task is to hydrate our skin, whereas the adhesive one NMF to the others is called skin barrier or moisture barrier or lipid layers, that consists of three main components: ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. This outermost skin layer has its function as the hydration entrance and prevent the entry of bad bacteria. Maintaining the water content of the skin or hydration is the main function of the skin barrier, and it is also the vital key for a moisturized and healthy skin in general. Maintaining skin barrier allows the body to slowing down the transcutaneous evaporative water loss (known as TEWL), which may cause many skin problems. Another function of this skin layer is to protect the body from the external stress factors, such as pollutions, ultraviolet light radiation and crucial nutrients transporter/carrier for the skin.

Unwell-treated skin barrier may cause several skin problems. If the skin is not well hydrated, it will be dry-textured and become sensitive, which at the end of the day is going to need numerous extra treatments. Moreover, the unnourished skin may cause acne.

Following are the examples of skin barrier damages :

1. Damage of Microbiome

The cause of the damage of microbiome that disallow it to functions as it should be is caused by the washing the face too often.

2. Damage of Acid Mantle

The unbalanced skin PH can cause damage to the acid mantle, since any strong and unsafe ingredients in the facial soap/wash hit the acid mantle easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use facial soap/wash or facial toner that able to restore our skin PH to the normal level.

3. Problem at Stratum Corneum

The common problem at stratum corneum is skin dehydration due to over exfoliating. An exaggerating exfoliating process or removal dead skin cells can cause a sensitive skin and irritation. Furthermore, usage of skin care products containing ethanol can cause skin dehydration.

Apart from the three aforementioned factors, there are also other ones that can cause damage to the skin barriers, which are ultraviolet light exposure, pollution, climate, bad lifestyle, hormone and stress.

Some clues that sign a damage of skin barrier such as skin irritation, red skin, scaly texture skin, itchy feeling, inflammation, acne/pimple, infection, hyperpigmentation, early-aging and sensitive skin. The damage of this skin barrier definitely causes the skin to be more sensitive and reactive to the skin care products that are used on the daily basis.


1. Using skin care basic: facial wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen

Facial washing needs to be done twice a day, one in the morning and another one before the sleep. The purpose is to remove dirt, dust from pollution, excessive oil and make up leftover. In case of a infrequency of facial washing, the dirt may pile up and affect the skin barrier. Overdoing a facial washing also may damage the microbiome, since it causes the skin to be dry and worse for an oily-skin. Don’t forget to apply the skin moisturizer and sunscreen.

2. Maintaining the skin PH balance

Using formula PH balanced facial wash/soap and facial toner to restore the skin PH to the normal level.

3. Say No to Over-Exfoliating

Avoid doing the peeling too often in the short time of period and don’t aggressively use all skin care products that contain exfoliant, retinol and vitamin C.

4. Hydrate the Skin

Use the skin care products that moisturize the skin and contains many nutrition as well as refreshing the skin such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, cholesterol, beta glucan, natrium PCA, squalene and centella asiatica. Pamper yourself with treatment that suitable for the skin like facial, dermal infusion and skin booster injection (Salmon DNA, Profhilo, or Radiesse).

5. Fruits and veggies consumption

6. Sports

7. Having enough sleep

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