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What is Botox?

Everybody wants to have flawless skin regardless the age and gender diversity. Removing the wrinkles, or at least try to reduce it, is one of the tops of the list. Luckily, there is a famous treatment now that can be done in order to remove the wrinkles which is Botox. What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin, well-known as Botox, is a very popular treatment in the beauty and personal care industry. Compared to other treatments, Botox is considered as an easy, instant and the result is also immediately visible to reduce and remove the wrinkles. The result is visible within 7 to 14 days and it may last up to 6 months after the treatment.

Benefits of Botox Injection :

  • Reducing wrinkles or fine lines on the face

  • Reducing jaw muscles (masseter) to manage teeth grinding, contouring a square jaw, creating a balanced face shape

  • Solving hyperhidrosis or over sweating condition on palm, feet and armpit

  • Solving cramps on the face, neck and shoulders

  • Solving the crossed eyes (strabismus)

  • Solving the abnormal contraction of the eyelid muscles (blepharospasm)

  • Solving chronic migraine

Side Effects

Botox injection seldom cause side effect if it is given at the right amount of dose, at the right place. However, in some cases, some people may experience as following:

  • Minor needle trauma and bruising on injection site

  • Eyelid ptosis (glabellar brow)

  • Brow ptosis (frontalis muscle)

  • Headaches (upper third of the face)

  • Palmar weakness (hyperhidrosis)

Things you should know before get any Botox injection treatments :

  • The treatment must only be done by trained doctors.

  • The result of the treatment is not permanent – it may last up to 6 months only.

  • Avoid any alcohol consumption a week prior the treatment and 24 hours after.

  • Stop any consumption of aspirin or any blood thinner medicine 2 weeks prior treatment to avoid any bruises

  • After the treatment, do not rub the injected area for the next 24 hours. This is to avoid any diffusion to other areas.

  • Shall not be conducted for those who are in a pregnancy plan or currently breastfeeding

  • Shall not be conducted in case of inflammation or skin infection at the injection area

  • Shall not be conducted in case of allergy to Botox

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